The Survivor Chronicles: Book 2, The Divide (Serial Story #2)

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Fight for Survival Book Five. Angela White. Earth Zero. George Magnum. The Survivalist Finest Hour. Dead Days: Season Three. Dead Days: Season Four. Lycan Fallout 4: Immortality's Touchstone. A New World: Storm. John O'Brien. Dead Days: Season Two. Ghosts: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

Shawn Chesser. Contagious Chaos. Frayed: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Out of the Badlands. Brian J. Erica Stevens. Day of the Zombie. Richard Lee. The Seamus Chronicles Books 1 - 3. Directive A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller. Carved In Stone Book Six. Radiophobia: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller. Theresa Shaver. The Survivalist Last Stand. Dead Days: Season Seven. Warpath: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. The Survivalist Dark Days.

Unbound The Captive Series Book 7. Zombie Fallout 7: For The Fallen.

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A New World: Reckoning. Apocalypse Trails. Joe Nobody.

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Endangered Nation. Shattered Roads. Alice Henderson. Deathly Contagious. The Hungry 6. Steven W. Dead Days: Season Eight. Mortal: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. The After Series Books Lycan Fallout 2: Fall Of Man. The Survivalist Freedom Lost. Zombie Games Uncut Boxed Set. Kristen Middleton. The Breakers Series: Books Edward W. Zero Dawn. Sam Best. Vengeance The Captive Series, Book 6.

District: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. A New World: Conspiracy. Forsaken World: Rite of Passage. Thomas A Watson. Storm Front. Through Many Fires. Kyle Pratt. Reclamation Book 3 The Ravening Series.

Long List: 2017

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Image Comics Solicitations for April 2015

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Ghost Beach is the third in the Storm Clouds series, and the longest — pages long! It follows the plight of a distressed beach town barista attempting to keep secret his responsibility for the disappearance of a local politician's son, though it seems like his entire city — including a mysterious gang of masked vandals — is trying to manipulate him. Meanwhile, a team of young police officers are sent to investigate a new party drug with sinister side effects, seemingly linked to a series of bodies piling up at the local hospital. A fantasy graphic novel about Tessa, a young bounty hunter on the trail of a notorious shapeshifter known as Borund the Bear.

Beautiful Canvas is a warped crime miniseries about Lon Eisley discovering the similarities and differences between her job as a hitwoman and her new role as a mother-to-be when she finds out her girlfriend is pregnant. Craig Phillips, writer, penciller, inks. Latifah Cornelius, inks, production.

Elise Jones, editor. Sandra Nobes, art direction and design. A collection of folk and fairy tales from around the world retold in comics and collected in one full colour volume. Rod Williams, Artist. Dillon Naylor, Artist. Ryan Vella, Artist. Glenn Smith, Inker. Glenn Lumsden, Artist. Jason Paulos, Artist. Fred Enroht, Artist. Australia's most Controversial Comicbook has been Resurrected! And in fully bloody colour!

Since debuting in , interest in Phantastique has persisted so it was decided to celebrate the original concept by releasing a graphic novel full of new and little seen material by new and original creators. It contains 19 self-contained short comic stories plus pin-ups, and showcases top talent from around Australia. A comic about memories, parenthood and traveling with kids. Originally created for the Read To Me live comics reading event and later published online.

Meet Tava, a twenty-four-year-old medical student in a deep depression. Alice, her friend and housemate, is trying to figure out how to support her. Time unravels, leaving both women bewildered at the emotional landscapes that have opened before them. Eyes Too Dry started out as a series of private conversations between the authors by way of a comic-in-correspondence.

Their decision to make this work public was fuelled by their struggle to find stories and artwork that spoke to their experiences of encountering depression, suicidal ideation and emotional weight. They hope to add new ways to talk about, visualise and relate to these complex emotions. Ethan Robertson, inker. Jasmine Woolcock, colourist.

Brittany Daw, colourist. Sandeson Gonzaga, colourist. Luke Bartholomew, colourist. Lena crumbles into shards of glass whenever she has an episode of anxiety. But every time she falls apart, she learns more about how to move through it. When she sees her friend get attacked she knows she has to find a way to act.

In issues , Lena confronts the ongoing trauma of fighting a violent serial killer while attempting to sustain her career and wellbeing. A boy accepts a dare from a gang of local slackers to break into the town's slaughterhouse at night, leading him to dire circumstances. Paul Wong-Pan penciller, inker, colourist, letterer and Karen Beilharz writer, letterer, editor, designer. Part 5 of an ongoing science fiction graphic novel in six parts about the impact of time upon relationships.

Late one night on a remote space station in the backwaters of the universe, a young woman named Bri meets a young man named Dan. Dan, a resident of the space station, is at a crossroads—torn between his dreams of a more fulfilling life spent helping others and his loyalty to his close-knit missionary family, who, due to the nature of space travel where passengers do not age in transit while everyone else does , he may never see again should he choose to leave. Bri must confront the past she fled from, while in turn, Dan must make a difficult choice about his future.

It is an experimentation of various styles, themes and stories- from Burning Man Festival to a critical commentary about the Anti-Aging industry. A 20 page, colour A4 book. Holly arrives as a teenager and falls in love with a person and a place. However, Holly learns that even in paradise, life can be painful.

A 12 page A4 comic. Homebased is a slice-of-life comic strip about the misadventures of a stay-at-home dad. The kid is in daycare, his partner's at work, and keeping house is more than he bargained for. Shane W. Smith, writer; Dan Gibbs, artist. Kevin Chiat, writer; Leigh Chalker, artist. Emmet O'Cuana, writer; Ben Leon, artist. Liam Jennings, writer; Rob O'Connor, artist. Rose Collection is the first trade paperback collection of earlier Rose comics!

This is an immaculately made page collection of comics about the important things in life — cupcakes, pancakes, all sorts of cakes! In a world full of weirdos, super villains and alien invasions, the city of Meadowlark is eager to have a super hero on their side, their very own weirdo! Enter Commander Canine, a pancake loving, bikini brief wearing, dog-man. His reluctant partner on the police force, Rosa Espinoza is an exceptional officer whose career is being stifled by a system of discrimination.

Commander Canine is a comic project dedicated to exploring the comic making process from script to traditional pencils, inks and hand lettering. The 8th issue of the psychedelic superhero sci-fi saga! Issue 9 in the psychedelic superhero sci-fi saga! A 24 Hour Comic 24 pages written and drawn in 24 hours in the "Strange Romance" series. Demian Triumph is a supervillain who has fallen madly and deeply in love Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun, is reborn into the modern world.

He is saved by Olympian Gods, Apollo and Poseidon and brought into a war that ended the reign of the Gods of Olympus and which is stirring once more. This ancient force now threatens mankind and the very existence of the human race. A labour of love, loosely based on a true story well, the first 2 pages at least! Sometimes all you need is a word. When one of Victoria's words goes awry, she sets off on an adventure to try and get things back the way it was.

With her dragon, Sparky, will she succeed or make matters worse? Eat My Flesh is a zombie parable set in Sydney that plays on the current political concern with immigration and nationality. It was published in Meanwhile Epilogue - What happened to a gang of kids after their adventure? Included in Knock Knock 6 - Creature Feature. In this issue she obsesses about muffins, ruins a business lunch and contemplates a life of hard crime just to get more cookies.

The art looks incredible and this is easily the best and funniest issue yet! Luminous Ages is a fantasy series filled with dragons and dream magic. Thirteen dragon gods and the three dream mage schools are fighting for control over dreams and reality.

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Ekratoria the planet is a place where dream magic manifests into reality with great speed. The nightmare forces and the tranquil forces are fighting for power over consciousness. The journey starts with a young boy Thrakos who finds out he is a descendant of a great dream mage Silva the Grey. The adventure expands to many other adventurers and dream wizards. Featuring epic and surrealistic worlds and creatures Luminous Ages also ties in with Earth Mythology. Many dream mages have visited us in the past from the dream world of Ekratoria to save us from many monstrous threats.

A seven part true crime comic exploring one of Tasmania's most controversial murder cases, told through the eyes of Sarah Bowles -- whose step-father was the victim and whose mother was convicted of killing him. Non-fiction comic investigation into the life and status of Ali Durrani, aka Eaten Fish, a young Iranian refugee and cartoonist detained on Manus Island by the Australian government. Metcop Wonderland is an independent comic that follows depressed ticket inspector Shane Digby and his dedicated partner Alan Cooper in their ongoing battle against the monsters haunting Melbourne's City Loop.

Trans-dimensional politics and the occasional cup of tea may also be involved. Here's a little bit about the series so far: Hellbent, issue zero, is an exciting tale set in the old world. A king, petrified by fear, sells a piece of his future to the devil for the strength and immortality to protect his kingdom, his queen, and his heir, from the relentless armies that press on his borders. The consequences of his actions come to fruition in issue one. Victoria Romanovski, is a brilliant Physicist, Engineer and former assassin.

She has developed the mathematical formula for God. If the formula is released it will bring about the downfall of the religious based government. Victoria must finish the formula and protect all involved before Government enforcers destroy everything. The comic aims to promote the value of scientific research to children between 8 - 12 years old.

The readers follow the two fictional protagonists, Alice and Bob, as they try to build a transportation device to get to their hockey practice.

True Detective: Season 3 - Official Trailer - HBO

On the way, they are introduced to true stories of scientific failure, fluke and fame; encouraged to ask the BIG questions about the universe; and explore everyday inventions that began with space research. It's a self-published page graphic novel starring Rick Mastertine, the new warden at Mako Supervillain prison. It's an action-comedy and tale of surprising redemption.

It Will Be Hard is a light choose-your-own gentle erotica. The Exhibition Edition tells an intimate moment between two men before they start a new life together. A Police academy dropout dwarf and ex thief elf work together in detective agency and here's their day to day operations. The comic takes an unflinching look at Crohn's Disease, reflecting on the intersection between patient experience and the social construction of illness. The first graphic novel from Australian author Mike Barry, Action Tank is the story of a boy who finds himself on the other side of the Solar System and must rely on his brains, his courage and the advice of a mysterious talking unicorn guy if he wants to get home in time for his Mum's spaghetti carbonara.

He does. It's his favourite. A fast-moving adventure created with year old readers in mind, Action Tank is a story about discovery, friendship, and what you're really capable of. The Digital Exhibition Edition tells an intimate moment between two men before they start a new life together. Renowned 13th-century world traveler Marco Polo witnessed many wonders on his journeys from Europe to China and back. One, in particular, relating to the Biblical Three Kings, stands out.

Now, five passionate individuals band together in an attempt to unravel the mystery left behind by Marco Polo, and protect what could be one of the greatest finds of all time, from falling into the wrong hands.

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  • Following the Trail team's reunion in Havana, Cuba, they prepare for the final showdown with their nemeses. With Luca and his henchmen being led to the Himalayas by the clues they had gathered thus far, it seems that they will need the Trail team, after all, if they are to progress further. What secrets do the Himalayas hold, and what exactly is it that they are all looking for? Find out in this action-packed, penultimate issue of the Trail series.

    A groundbreaking new archaeological discovery from the age of Vikings in Greenland draws interest from a prominent archaeologist, William Trail, but others, too, whose motives seem entirely questionable. A race to the find will ensue as William, along with the pilot of his chartered plane, Sofia Jonsson, land themselves in all sorts of strife, and will need help from an unlikely source.

    What will this find reveal? Did Vikings find something of immense value during their exploration of North America over a thousand years ago? It has been studied and debated for thousands of years. Science, philosophy and religion have long agonised over its very nature, struggling to define it.

    When an unremarkable stone age artefact yields a stunning discovery, a young archaeologist's world will be turned upside down as the preconceived notions of time and space are torn down, raising questions about the very reality we live in. Australia is now lost to an intelligent species of zombies. People are hunted and sent to Human Farms like cattle, where they are then portioned and delivered to the hungry masses.

    One man dares to stand against the ZWO. Folktales that speak of his presence soon spread amongst the survivors. No one knows who he is, or even if he truly exists. In this volume, someone has been cloning Audrey Hepburn. Act 2, Part The short story works as an epilogue to a massive journey Xero took to become the King of Thieves. What does it mean to be the King and was it worth it? Darren Koziol, writer. Ben Sullivan, artist. Katrina Young, artist. Kurt Stone, artist. Arthur Strickland, artist. Dragan Vignjevic, artist. Stephen Rios, writer.

    Dave Dye, artist. Matt Kyme, artist. Alister Lockhart, artist. Pat McNamara, writer. Matt James, colourist. Greg Holfeld, artist. Josh Spencer, artist. Sandeson Gonzaga, artist. Carlos Angeli, artist.

    Serial Stories Lady Swings Serial Stories - lostsu

    Sean Krauter, colourist. Amazing stories and incredible art in this old-school styled science fiction anthology. Darren Koziol, writer, designer, letterer. Michal Dutkiewicz, artist. John Ciarfuglia, artist. Paul Bulman, artist. Tristan Tait, artist. James Wilkinson, artist. Adam Bennett, writer. Incredible tales of science fiction, all-new comic-book short stories in the style of pulp magazines from the past.

    Amazing art, lovely colours, high quality production, with fun and exciting stories. You'll love these comics! This issue has 8 short stories, 52 colour pages with NO adverts, packed full of brilliant art and fantastic stories! Highly recommended. David de Vries, Introduction. It was a limited edition and was signed and numbered by the artists, Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr a. This Risograph printed comic was part of Minicomic of the Month Club.

    It covers a transitory moment in my life. I had just finished work as a postman and had gone back to the family home for the summer. Returning to Melbourne I began a new path working full-time on art. Through the use of limited colour, empty cityscapes and sparse dialogue I tried to capture feelings of melancholy, sincerity and optimism. The mini-comic was created as part of the Banksia Project mentorship program and was self-published via a Kickstarter campaign.

    Tim Stiles, writer; Trevor Wood, artist. Soon Van, writer; Colin Wells, artist. Ryan K. Lindsay, writer; Louie Joyce, artist. Simon McDonald, writer; Adam Rose, artist. Camillo Di Pietrantonio cover. Louie Joyce, variant cover. Rose is back for another round of silly food-related adventures! In Issue 6 she goes camping how much food do you need for an overnight stay? It should be read from the start.

    Like a book. Or a sentence. It details the last year of our hero's life as he goes on one last trip in search of the haiku master, Matsuo Basho. And himself.